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Benefits of Window Film

Block the Heat & UV Film – protects against your skin and fading your upholstery as it blocks 99% of harmful Ultra Violet Rays. Film prevents extreme exposure to UV rays, which can cause skin cancer, premature aging of the skin and eye damage. It also blocks the heat from strong solar energy.

Control the Glare – Increases comfort in your room and vehicle  by eliminating sun glare. Films cut out as much as 78% of the glare so that you get natural light without glare in your eyes.

Get the Better View & Privacy – Film shields so you get better privacy when you are in the car, home or office, at the same time, you enjoyed better view. Film works like a sunscreen.

Enjoy the Energy Savings – Reduces heat by rejecting 75% of total solar energy on the glass and increases coolness with the result of lower air conditioning bills.

Increase the Safety & Security – Films not only resist breakage, they also hold the pieces together whenever glass panes break, therefore reducing damage to life and property.